With the help of our experienced AI experts and data scientists we can mature your AI skill set. Together we can build great AI solutions and take them to production.  With our AI toolbox you can kickstart your AI project.

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Smart knowledge management system
Info Support developed a knowledge management system that helps employees to share and find knowledge within the company. Through the use of various machine learning models it helps consultants by automatically tagging content with topics that the knowledge can then be found on.

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Cases - Design Sprint


Cases - Design Sprint

SopStore - smart work instructions
Info Support developed a hightech system where the bank employee receives smart work instructions based on current work.

AI solution for transport company Keolis
Carrier Keolis is going to put a flexible transport concept in the market in Overijssel for which Info Support will realize and manage the underlying IT platform. This service, which will be set up in co-creation with various parties, links supply and demand in a unique and innovative way.


Kickstart your AI project

AI Cases

Herman Mansveld, 
program manager ABN AMRO

“The collaboration with Info Support was one of a kind where both have eye and ear for each others quality and ideas.” -

DevOps for AI
Practices to unify development and operation for Artificial Intelligence.

Model Management 
Service to manage multiple versions of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models.

Hyperparameter search
Pipeline to search best parameters and size for Deep Learning Models. Especially made for large datasets.

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“The collaboration with 
Info Support was one of a 
kind where both have eye 
and ear for each others 
quality and ideas.” 

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